Tracking Tools For Google Keywords

Whether you want to rank higher in Google or just want to know how competitors are doing, there are various tracking tools for Google keywords. These tools are available in the market and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. This article will talk about some of the best keyword tracking tools. These tools can be used to analyze your competitors and determine how you can compete with them.


Ahrefs is a tracking tool that allows you to see how well your website performs in search. It has a massive database of backlinks that is updated on a regular basis. It can also help you identify toxic links on your website. This tool can give you a lot of information on the health of your website and what needs to be improved to improve search results.

Another feature that Ahrefs has is keyword data. In addition to Google, Ahrefs offers data from many other search engines. This is not something you can find with many other SEO tools. For example, SEMrush only provides data for Google, but Ahrefs has data from more than five billion keywords in over 200 countries.

Ahrefs also lets you see how many websites rank for a given keyword. This tool will also give you the number of backlinks to those domains. The higher the score, the harder it is for you to rank for that particular keyword.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker for Google keywords software is a very useful tool for determining how well your website ranks for a particular keyword. The tool allows you to create customizable reports containing the ranking of your website, daily visibility, and competitor rankings. It also notifies you of changes in the ranking of your keywords. Rank tracker is also able to detect website errors. Another popular keyword rank tracking software is Sitechecker. This program checks your website for critical errors and provides a complete overview of your site. It also performs weekly monitoring of your site’s performance.

The keyword finder on Ranktracker uses several factors to determine the difficulty level of keywords. The tool also displays related keywords that relate to the target keyword. The keyword finder is useful for identifying over-competitive keywords. A common mistake made by small businesses is to select overly competitive keywords.

Term Explorer

Term Explorer is a keyword tracking tool for Google, providing the largest volume of relevant keywords and most actionable competition data. It is a free tool that you can use to find keyword ideas and track competitors. The tool is designed to save you time by searching through tens of thousands of items and exporting keyword data in bulk. It sorts the results by search volume, cost per click, and PPC competition, making it ideal for keyword research.

Keywords Explorer provides a wealth of keyword data, including the number of search results and a difficulty score. It also provides search volume and the number of root domains linking to pages. This data is useful in determining the best keywords to focus on when planning your content strategy.

Term Explorer also features a SERP overview report that displays the top-ranking results for a particular keyword. This report also shows SEO metrics such as the number of backlinks, organic traffic, and competition. Besides SERP analysis, it also provides top-ranking pages with their titles, URLs, and number of backlinks to their root domain. Moreover, Keywords Explorer allows you to export SERP data into a.csv file.

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