Top 8 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

Many popular websites like BuzzFeed use quizzes to create viral content and boost user engagement. has created quizzes to help you learn more about WordPress.

We have hand-picked the best WordPress quizzes that will help you engage your users and increase their time spent on your site.

WordPress Quiz Plugins. After looking through the most popular quiz plugins available, these are the Eight best WordPress quiz plugins for creating visually-appealing quizzes for your WordPress website. These plugins make creating quizzes very easy, and they’re all free!

8 WordPress Quiz Plugins Are Listed below:-

1. WP Quiz

WordPress Quiz Plugins
WordPress Quiz Plugins

This is a simple, flexible, and powerful quiz plugin for WordPress. It comes with three quiz types: trivia, personality, and flip cards. With a few easy steps, you can add images to your questions and answers, allow users to restart the quiz, and show results at the end.

WP Quiz Pro comes with two styling options: multi-page or single-page quiz. You can auto-scroll and add social sharing buttons. The pro version of the plugin allows you to force users to perform an action to view results, randomize questions and answers, countdown timer, and display ads.

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2. Quiz And Survey Master

quiz and survey plugin
quiz and survey plugin

It’s hard to find a more flexible quiz and survey plugin than Quiz and Survey Master. It may look rough around the edges, but it delivers the goods in spades with great features and excellent documentation.

This tool is perfect for taking multiple-choice exams in school or at work. It lets you create different answer sheets to get your results to match your test scoring expectations.

The plugin comes with email support, certificates, leaderboards, hints, comment boxes, and more. The pro version comes with all kinds of addons that give you reporting and analysis, email marketing integration, funnel optimization, and more.

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3. Quiz Cat

Quiz CAT : WordPress Quiz Plugins

It’s not just for quizzes, but you can also use it to add an image to each question and answer in your blog posts. This is very handy for making visual content for your posts easier to find.

There are many more quiz styles than the ones you see here. You can also create a start and end screen for your quiz. Each answer can have its own rating, and you can assign different amounts of points to the correct answers.

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4. HD Quiz

HD Quiz WordPress Quiz Plugins

HD Quiz Free Quiz for WordPress is another excellent free quiz plugin for your WordPress blog. It has a responsive design and allows you to create unlimited quizzes with as many questions and answers as you need.

With the new question tooltips feature, you can see what kinds of answers you need to provide to each question. Other noteworthy features include a quiz timer, use of GIFs as answers, social sharing, question scoring, and more.

5. ARI Stream Quiz

ARI Stream WordPress Quiz Plugins

AriStream Quiz AriStream Quiz allows you to use quizzes for lead generation by collecting user email addresses and names. It supports integration with MailChimp and other email marketing service providers. The actual quiz builder features an easy-to-use interface to build your quizzes, apart from lead generation.

Using AJAX for faster performance, it has several themes, social media integration, Open Graph support, and more.

6. Interact, Quiz Maker

Interact WordPress Quiz Plugins

Interact Quiz Maker is a powerful web-based app to generate viral quizzes and use them to generate leads, build social media followers, generate traffic, and improve conversions. With it, you can create highly interactive quizzes with a nifty drag and drop quiz builder.

With more than 1,000 different quiz templates, this program lets you choose different styles, colors, designs, and more. The quiz branching feature allows you to show questions based on the user’s answers to previous questions. You can use their scoring system to deliver results at the end efficiently.

It’s a must-have piece of software that helps you to engage your audience more effectively and make them buy from you by allowing you to send personalized, relevant, and timely messages to your customers.

7. LearnDash

LearnDash WordPress Quiz Plugins

LearnDash is a powerful WordPress learning management system (LMS). You can build anything from a basic knowledge quiz to a high-level certification program with LearnDash. LearnDash has the following question types: single choice, multiple-choice, free text, sorting, matching, essay, fill-in-the-blank, and survey.

You’ll also find a wide range of options that can make your tests more engaging and enjoyable, including timed quizzes, randomized questions, question banks, multi-page tests, limits of attempts, and more. There’s also the option of adding media to the answer choices.

LearnDash is one of the most versatile WordPress quiz plugins for all types of quizzes. Whether you are selling online courses or creating viral content, it can display quiz results in various styles, provide examinations with certificates, leaderboards, and levels, and have post quiz options like redirects, messages, and quiz result displays in multiple types.

8.WordPress Viral Quiz

Remember those silly quizzes in magazines like “What kind of dog are you?” Buzzfeed publishes similar quizzes like this one, which is precisely what WordPress Viral Quiz recreates.

You can use this plugin to create personality quizzes and trivia quizzes. The examinations look great, they’re fun to fill out, and they’re easy to share.

Plugin Description. This plugin creates quizzes similar to the ones from Buzzfeed and other media outlets. You can use it to create personality quizzes and trivia quizzes.

The quizzes look great, they’re fun to fill out, and they’re easy to share.

Top Features

Top Features. View a demo of the plugin. Free Trial. Responsive. One of the Best WordPress Responsive Email Templates for your Landing Page. Fully customizable. Learn more→. 3. Q:

QuizMasterView Plugin is extremely flexible, allowing you to create unique quizzes that can be used on any Quizmasters sites you have.

This quiz builder will create single choice, multiple-choice, true and false, honest answers, fill in the blank, and other questions. There’s also a premium version with extra features.

While the admin menus can be a little confusing, this plugin is still one of the most accessible quiz plugins to use. You can easily set up all of the necessary admin settings, and you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing different types of quizzes and quiz types.

9. mTouch Quiz

mtouch WordPress Quiz Plugins

We created the mTouch Quiz WordPress plugin because we wanted something that would help us understand what our users want better than anything else. The plugin looks fantastic, is fully responsive, and works beautifully across mobile devices.

It offers no extra features or customization options, but its bare-bones design allows it to be a very efficient tool for creating multiple-choice quizzes. However, because it can only be used to create quizzes that use one type of question, it’s not as versatile as other quiz software.

This fantastic and powerful quiz plugin includes all the quiz types available from other plugins. This is a great quiz tool for both users and developers.

Top Features

Top Features. Simple quiz creation. Touchscreen friendly. Flexible scoring options. Give hints and explanations for solutions. Learn more→. 5. TouchQuizPlugin Now Plugin DescriptionTouchQuiz is very similar to the mTouch Quiz plugin. It does away with the need for an external site.

It’s a more user-friendly interface and supports the addition of other types of questions, including essay-style queries. It also enables you to assign points to different answers.

This quiz maker software is one of the best and most innovative quiz-making tools out there. It is easy to use, intuitive, and a great addition to any website. What I like most about this quiz-making software because it is completely mobile-friendly and highly responsive.

10. Watu: 

Watu WordPress Quiz Plugins
WaTu Quiz

Plugin description. This is very similar to the mTouch Quiz plugin. Its interface is a bit easier to use, supporting additional question types such as open-ended essays.

One of the best features is assigning points to each answer, and the plugin will then automatically score your quiz when a visitor takes it. It’s also notable for its responsiveness on mobile devices and its ability to share on social networks.

Top Features

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Which Quiz Plugin is Right for You?

Which of these plugins is right for you? Quizzes are great ways to increase user engagement and learn something about your audience at the same time.

You can try these Quiz and Survey Master WordPress quiz plugins and survey tools and see which ones you think are the best for you. Is positive.

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