TOP 10 ARTICLE WRITING SITES That Pay for the Article

List posts pay up to $75 per article

Writers who want to earn a great living can submit their articles for consideration to list posts for pay. List posts are generally longer than 500 words and can be anything from a recipe to a piece about psychology. If you’re interested in writing about topics that aren’t always covered in the news, consider this opportunity.

Green Light Articles pay $50-$100 per article.

TOP 10 ARTICLE WRITING SITES That Pay for the Article

If you want to make a good living from home writing articles, you can try Green Light Articles. This site is an excellent place to sell your writing skills, and you will get paid $50-$100 per article. This website looks for writers with good grammar and in-depth knowledge of the English language. Once your account is approved, you can see all of the available projects. The company also gives bonus points to writers who can meet deadlines and produce quality work.


Desert Times pays $100-$200 per article

Writers looking to get published in the Desert Times can submit travel stories, photo essays, and other articles about the area. They may also pitch stories that discuss the history of North America’s deserts. Desert Times also pays for pictures submitted by writers. You can earn between $100 and $200 for each article you submit.

The Desert Times pays between $100 and $200 per article and requires an article to be at least one thousand words and include relevant imagery. It is also highly recommended to submit original and tight content. Upon publication, you’ll receive a check via PayPal. You can become a regular contributor to the site by submitting articles regularly.

LiveJournal pays free

LiveJournal is a social networking site that allows you to post articles and interact with other members. You can join communities based on a wide variety of topics. You can also find niche communities to focus on. You don’t have to be a professional writer to get started with LiveJournal. It’s free to use the service, but you must pay if you want more benefits.

LiveJournal allows you to customize your journal by adding custom layouts and media. You can also upload a graphical avatar, which appears next to your username in prominent places. Using HTML or CSS codes, you can design your journal with ease. There are also pre-made layouts for you to choose from.


Bored Panda is a free article-writing site

If you’re looking for a free article-writing website, you can’t go wrong with Bored Panda. This website publishes content written by external contributors and has over 13 million likes on Facebook. It also has millions of visitors per month.

Bored Panda is an online magazine of random, funny, and cool stuff. You’ll find that it will help you break out of boredom. You can meet other art lovers at Bored Panda.

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