You can learn a lot by visiting some of these amazing sites list. There’s something for everyone from The Onion to Mental Floss, from the Everest map to GIPHY. Hopefully, this list will help you start your internet adventures. There are countless other wonderful sites to explore, too, so make sure to check them out!

The Onion


If you’re looking for a great laugh on a daily basis, check out The Onion. It’s a satirical news site that’s been around since 1988. The site has a number of unique features including infographics, bulleted lists of jokes, mock editorials, and news in photos, where a caption is accompanied by a joke but no story.

The Onion is a popular news website in the United States. Founded by activists in Seattle, it has expanded to six million users worldwide. It offers a newsletter that’s published in several languages, as well as website, email, and chat services. It also provides encryption for your online identity, which is great if you share sensitive information. You can also use the Onion app for secure chat, email, and file-sharing services.

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Mental Floss

Mental Floss is a website that reveals the interesting stories behind mainstream happenings. It covers topics in science, history, innovation, and mainstream society. The site can be useful for the casual reader or the professional who wants to learn more. Its content can be found in articles, lists, videos, quizzes, and more. The site’s goal is to provide readers with smart facts about anything and everything.

Founded in 2001, Mental Floss has expanded from its humble beginnings in a dorm room to an industry-leading online publication with more than a billion visitors per month. It covers history, science, pop culture, and even true crime. The site has been recognized with four Webby Awards and has been nominated for three ASME awards. It has also expanded into other media, including t-shirts, podcasts, and calendars.

Everest Map

The Everest Map is an invaluable tool for travelers and mountaineers. This mountain is the world’s highest point, at 29,029 meters. It lies on the border between Nepal and Tibet. The lower part of the mountain is composed of metamorphic schists, gneisses, and igneous granite, while the higher part is composed of sedimentary rocks of marine origin. Everest is surrounded by mountains known as the Khumbu Valley and the Tibetan Plateau.

While climbing Everest is an exciting and rewarding experience, it is not without danger. Because of its high elevation, the climate is extremely hostile. While the daytime temperature is typically a balmy -2 degrees Fahrenheit in July, the summit can reach -76 degrees Fahrenheit during the coldest months of January. Climbers use headlamps to navigate at night, and supplemental oxygen is a must for survival on Everest. Some climbers also use helmets to prevent rockfall.

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Giphy is a great site for searching and sharing GIFs. It has more than 10 billion GIFs available for download or embedding, so there’s bound to be one to match your needs. Despite its popularity, the service isn’t without its rivals. Tenor, originally called Riffsy, is another site worth checking out. It is a service that offers GIFs that are royalty-free, so you can share the content with others.

The company has also partnered with various brands to host their GIFs. They have partnered with over 200 brands, including Disney, Calvin Klein, GE, Pepsi, and many others. In May 2018, Giphy was purchased by Facebook for $400 million. There are now over 7 billion GIFs being shared on the site daily.

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If you are looking for free tips and life hacks, then Lifehacker is the place for you. The site is filled with thousands of articles and YouTube videos about things that can make your life easier. Most of the tips on the site are free. Lifehacker’s main goal is to make your life easier.

Lifehacker’s content is geared toward a diverse audience. The site contains articles about technology, design, science fiction, politics, and more. The name of the site is a declaration of love for science, gadgets, and beautiful designs. It also features articles about the latest trends in tech and geek culture.


Gnoosic is a bare-bones music recommendation website that lets you discover similar bands and artists based on your own preferences. The site has thousands of bands and artists in its database, and is constantly learning from user feedback to offer more recommendations based on your tastes. Gnoosic also has a “Music-Map” that allows you to see the connections between different artists.

Gnoosic is a music discovery website that lets you choose songs by artist and genre. The site learns from your taste in music and recommends similar artists based on the styles and genres you like. You can even customize your own music playlist by entering up to three favorite bands and artists.


In our Shopify reviews, we’ve highlighted the best examples of creative and effective use of the platform. In addition to the top fashion and beauty stores, we also cited some of the most unique sites on the platform. From a minimalist fashion site to a minimalist tech startup, we’ve highlighted some of the most compelling examples of Shopify stores.

A shop selling wooden eyewear has a minimalist design that complements the products’ images. It also features popups that encourage users to leave feedback. As a result, the shop has collected 4,000+ leads!

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