The article will show the different points of set up Index now using Rank Math WordPress Seo plugin.

What is Index now?

The Index now is a WordPress SEO plugin that can help you put content in front of a traffic hungry audience. It is a simple to use tool that will help you grow your website and make it easier to rank on the search engines. You can also use it to understand better your website’s visitors and where they are coming from.

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How to set up Index now

Setting up Index now is a pretty straightforward process. All you need to do is install and activate the plugin, enter your domain, and then you can start adding your content. As with all WordPress plugins, you will need to create a new post and add the code to the post’s content. Once you have added the code, you will need to go back to the Index now dashboard and click on “Index Now.” Once you have done this, you will see the result of your work in the form of a URL that you can share with your clients.

How to use Index Now in Rank Math

Setting up Index now with Rank Math In order to set up Index now with Rank Math, you will need to install the plugin.

Once you have installed the plugin, you will need to go to Settings > Index now > Settings. Next, you will need to enter your website’s title, URL, and the number of pages. Then, you will need to put in the number of keywords you want to rank for.

You will then choose the priority for each keyword. The importance is the weight of the keyword in the algorithm. The higher the focus, the higher the weight. The weight is the number of places the keyword will appear in the content.

For example, if you have one keyword with a weight of 20, that keyword will appear 20 times in the content. If you have three keywords with a weight of 10, they will appear ten times in the content. Once you have chosen your priorities, you can select the types of content you want to include. You can choose to include the content in the title tag, meta description, and content body. If you decide to have the content in the title tag, the keyword will appear in the website’s title. 


If you want your website to rank high in the search engines, you need to optimize it for SEO. The Index now is a WordPress SEO plugin that can help you do this. It is a beneficial tool that can help you to make your website rank higher in search engines.


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