How to Use Ahrefs for SEO

Ahrefs is a tool that is used to analyze your website and optimize your SEO strategy. It is also useful for finding domains that you can contact to gain backlinks and content. For example, if you have a content or image site and you want to get backlinks from them, you can set up alerts through Ahrefs.

Content Explorer

If you want to make your content more search engine friendly, you should learn how to use Content Explorer. This tool lets you search content by keyword and also suggests the most popular articles. It also takes into account the number of social media shares. You can use Content Explorer to develop your content marketing strategy and build links.

You can also use Content Explorer to find out which content performs well for your target keywords. This tool lets you search by keyword or topic and filter the results by number of referring domains. For example, you can search for “running shoes” and get a list of broken links relating to that topic.

Another useful tool is BuzzSumo, which provides a wide range of content research capabilities. This tool crawls the web and social media, providing you with billions of data points. It can also help you identify popular formats and keywords. The tool also offers a competitive analysis tool, which can help you find out which content strategies your competitors use to get the most traffic.

Site audit module

Ahrefs for SEO includes a site audit module, which aims to identify any technical problems on a website. This tool is similar to other crawl tools, but has many additional features. To set up a site audit, you need to create a new project and enter your website’s domain name. Next, you need to choose a crawl schedule and keywords to monitor. You can also choose to receive alerts about changes to your site.

This technical SEO audit tool has several reports, each of which provides deep insights into important search factors. For example, the Core Web Vitals report shows real-world data on which pages load quickly and which ones require improvement. Another report, Mobile Usability, looks at how mobile-friendly your website is. You can also use the URL Inspection feature to analyze specific URLs. This tool can also provide you with an idea of how your site compares to other top-ranked sites.

Ahrefs’ SEO features can help you improve your search rankings. The tool can determine the quality of your domain’s backlinks and the type of traffic that your site receives. It can also identify which domains are receiving high-quality links and performing well for a specific keyword. Ahrefs can show you a ranking for a domain, the URL of the ranked page, and how many backlinks it has.

Rank tracking module

Ahrefs’ rank tracking module gives website owners a detailed overview of their competitors. Ahrefs also lets users set up email notifications to be notified of changes to their site’s ranking status. These emails can be scheduled to come in daily, weekly, or monthly. If you sign up for the Ahrefs Rank Tracker Pro service, you’ll be notified on a daily basis.

Rank tracking allows you to determine which domains are competing with yours in terms of rankings and inbound links. This can make ranking your site easier or more difficult. The Ahrefs rank tracking module provides a list of competing domains, their rating scores, and information on the number of backlinks to their websites.

Ahrefs also provides a useful keyword explorer. This tool allows users to input a large number of keywords and see who is already ranking for each of them. This is especially useful when you are launching outreach campaigns or guest blog posting. Ahrefs also has a keyword research and measurement tool, which can help you optimize your website for targeted keywords.

Keyword metric

When you’re looking for keywords to optimize your website, one of the first tools you should use is Ahrefs. This tool lets you see what the competition is like for the keywords you’re interested in. It also has tools for validating your keywords. To do this, you paste a prospective keyword into Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer tool.

The Ahrefs Positions Explorer will show you the top competitors for your keywords and also their backlink profile. This will allow you to set goals and track your performance. You can also see which pages of your competitors are ranking for your keywords. You’ll be able to see which pages are getting the most organic traffic, and which ones aren’t.

Ahrefs also provides backlink analysis of your own site. The tool will help you get backlinks from other high quality sites. For example, it will help you get backlinks from websites you’re targeting. It can also tell you which domains are referring to your site, allowing you to learn which backlinks to target. Ahrefs also shows the ranking of your domain over time.

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