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The internet has drastically changed the way we live and work. We can now do things that were once impossible, like hailing a ride or ordering food with just a few clicks. But as our lives move increasingly online, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: our need for apps. In fact, we now spend more time than ever on our smartphones, and most of that time is spent using apps. So how can you make sure your website is reaching its full potential? By converting it into an app! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to do just that.

Why should you convert your website to an app

There are many reasons why you should convert your website to an app. Apps are more convenient and faster to use than websites. They also take up less space on your device, so you can save room for other apps or files. In addition, apps can work offline, while websites need an internet connection to function. Finally, apps can provide a better user experience with features such as push notifications and access to the device’s native functionality.

How to convert a website to an app in 3 easy steps

Assuming you have a website built on a platform like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace, there are only a few steps you need to follow to convert it into an app.

1) Choose a platform: Decide if you want to build an iOS app or an Android app (or both).
2) Find a reliable app builder: Research different app builders and find one that fits your needs.
3) Convert your website into an app: Follow the instructions provided by the app builder. This usually involves inputting your website’s URL and specifying some features/customizations.

And that’s it! These three steps will help you convert your website into an app quickly and easily.

What are the benefits of having an app

An app can help a business in many ways. Perhaps the most obvious way is that it can make it much easier and faster for customers to buy products or services. With an app, customers can simply tap a button to purchase something instead of having to search for it on a website or type in their credit card information.

Another benefit of an app is that it can help businesses keep track of their customer’s preferences and purchase history. This information can be used to offer personalized deals and recommendations, which can lead to more sales. Additionally, apps can provide businesses with valuable feedback through customer ratings and reviews.

How much does it cost to convert a website to an app

It depends on a few factors, such as the size and complexity of your website, whether you want to use a web-based or native app approach, and which platform(s) you want to target. Generally speaking, you can expect to spend anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars to convert your website into an app.


Q: Do I need to know how to code to convert my website into an app?
A: No! You don’t need to be a tech wizard or have any coding skills whatsoever. With our platform, anyone can create an app from their website in minutes – no matter what type of site you have.

Q: How much does it cost to convert my website into an app?
A: It’s free to get started! You can create your account and begin building your app without spending a dime. We do offer paid plans for those who want to unlock additional features, but you’re not required to upgrade if you don’t want to.

Q: What kind of websites can be converted into apps?
A: Any type of website! Whether you have a simple blog, an eCommerce store, or a complex corporate site, our platform can handle it. We also support common web technologies such as WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, and more.


If you want to convert your website into an app, there are a few different ways you can go about it. You can use a service like Appify or you can code it yourself using tools like Cordova or Ionic. Whichever route you choose, make sure you test your app thoroughly before releasing it to the public. And once it’s out there, be sure to promote it so people actually know it exists!

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