How to Choose the Best Blogger Theme for AdSense Approval

There are many ways to make your Blogger theme look awesome and attract the attention of AdSense. You can install AdSense automatically on your site. If you do this, you’ll be able to profit while simultaneously improving your traffic and SEO. For example, you can use a clean and retina-ready blogger template like Newcon. This theme is full of powerful features and emphasizes content and readability. It also optimizes your site for speed and better SEO results.

Deep Views

The Deep Views Blogger theme for AdSense approval comes with an advanced, SEO-friendly design. It is fully optimized and has high-resolution images. It is also 100% responsive and ads-ready. It supports different browsers and comes with multiple color options. It also features a powerful blog share feature, allowing you to share your posts across social media platforms. The design of the Deep Views Blogger theme is reminiscent of a WordPress template, which means it’s highly optimized for AdSense approval.


The LiteSpot Blogger theme is one of the best options for AdSense approval. This template features maximum ad slots and is responsive, SEO friendly, and fast-loading. It also supports shortcodes and is suitable for technology-related niches. It’s available in both free and premium versions.


The Ampere Blogger theme has a simple yet powerful design. It is fully SEO-friendly and supports multiple ads. It features eight advanced ad sections, three featured post styles, six content blocks, and an advanced Ticker News. It is available for free or in a premium version. The premium version comes with more features, including faster Adsense approval.


As the number of people who want to use Blogger for AdSense approval grows, there is an increasing need for responsive templates that will help them get AdSense approved. The Flatblog Blogger theme is one example, with a free and paid version. This template is designed to be responsive and comes with options for customizing the buttons and ad slots. It is an excellent choice for people who want to create a fashion, news, or simple blog.


If you’re trying to get approved for AdSense, you probably want a SEO-friendly blogger theme with the maximum number of ad slots. The VeryMag theme offers a free and premium version that offers a variety of options for ad placement and optimization. The free version has the basic features, while the premium version offers a more powerful theme with unlocked features and higher AdSense approval rates.

Sora Front

You should use a professional-looking blogger template to earn money from your blog. The Sora Front Blogger template is SEO-friendly and responsive. It comes with a variety of customizable layouts and AdSense approval templates. Moreover, it is free of charge, so you will have fewer expenses while promoting your site.

Sora News

Sora News Blogger theme is an excellent choice if you’re trying to monetize your blog through ads. This template is built to be SEO-friendly and responsive. It also features breadcrumb navigation and social bookmarking icons. It’s also perfect for tech, creative and lifestyle blogs.


An SEO-friendly Blogger theme will ensure the quick approval of your site by AdSense. SEO-friendly themes are built with the latest trends and codes. These themes load up quickly and have a responsive design that looks great on all devices. Moreover, you can use these templates for any type of website, from small-niche sites to large-scale commercial sites.


The Automax Blogger theme has multiple features to boost your blog’s SEO and AdSense approval. Its SEO-friendly layout is receptive to ads and features different ad slots for easy ad placement. Moreover, it minimizes loading time and therefore helps you increase your Google ranking.

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