10 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins

How can your business benefit from the 10 best WordPress push notification plugins? With the world moving around the web, and the dynamics of marketing changing every hour, it is essential now to keep your website customer-ready. Push notifications are one way to keep your audience tied to your website, even when they are not visiting your website.

In the WordPress site, you can send push notifications to both mobile and desktop. But, first of all, let’s see what WordPress Push notifications are. Clickable messages that you receive on the notification area of your mobile device or the messages that you see on the desktop of your computer are WordPress Push Notifications.

The messages on the desktop can be seen even when the browser is not open, and these push notifications work well even on mobiles. This helps the users to know the latest updates on the website and also know about the latest offers.

With a little help from our friends, we have managed to put together a comprehensive list of 50 free tools that will help you build better websites, boost your conversion rate, and increase your email marketing efforts, just to name a few.

There are tons of WordPress Plugins that help you to push messages to your users. Here is the list of some of the best WordPress Push Notification Plugins.

Why Push Notification?

Push Notifications are an easy way to add more value to your product without the hassle of adding new pages to your site or using any additional resources. If you’re running a WordPress based website, this plugin is worth installing.

According to the statistics provided by the site owners, there are over 100,000 developers using their service. You’ll find big names such as Adobe, Uber, and Tom’s Hardware among them.

Free Localization. Test different versions of a product. Delivery Automation. Multi-channel delivery. Unlimited segments. Delivery Scheduling.

Users get to build their own apps. They can use whatever API their customers want. There are no restrictions.

Another reason to download and use the app is that it’s completely free of cost, which means you can always check your app whenever you feel like.

Some Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins Are Listed Below

One Signal

One Signal WordPress Push Notification Plugins

OneSignal lets you create and send push notifications to users without having to worry about building an app or managing the backend. You can choose which users to send push notifications to, and how long they should receive it. You can even use Amazon’s S3 to store the message, making it extremely scalable and secure.

There are about 100,000 developers around the world using this service, including big names like Adobe, Uber, and Tom’s Hardware.

This plugin comes with many features, such as: localize your campaigns; send delivery notices to your customers and schedule deliveries; allow customers to select delivery days; let customers select delivery addresses; and more.

WordPress.com. Unlimited devices. With WP Engine, you can setup unlimited WordPress sites and have full API. So you can use the API to have different apps for each of the websites or you can have 1 app and then set it up so that it has your site’s content and user posts.

If you’ve got an Android phone, there’s a good chance you’ve already downloaded One Signal. It’s free of charge and offers push notifications for free.

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VWO Engage

In VWO Engage we make it easier to get to grips with what makes an effective A/B test so you can run one quickly and simply. We have a wide range of features that will suit your needs.

Integration with Facebook Messenger. Re-engage lost users. Promote time-sensitive deals. Run A/B tests. VWO Engage is a premium service without a free plan. You can try it for 30 days free, after which you’ll need to purchase a subscription starting from $199 per month.

VWO Engage.

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Push Assist

Push assist WordPress Push Notification Plugins

In order to enable Push Assist for Safari on your Mac, you need to have installed Apple’s Mac OS X version of Safari 6.0 or newer. You may also want to consider installing Push Assist for Windows and other browsers.

Firefox (mobile and desktop). Safari (mobile and desktop). Safari has an amazing segmentation feature which allows you to segment people based on their location, interests, and other related information.

With pushassist, you can choose the amount of notification to be sent out and can choose who to notify. It also includes a list of all your contacts in the “personalize” area which makes it easy to select specific people to be notified.

Some of the best WordPress Push Notification Plugins in use today. Depending on the visitors, budget and the features needed, one can choose any of these plugins.

They’re all at their best individually.


Push alert WordPress Push Notification Plugins

The key features are support for different languages, detailed analytics, scheduling of notifications, and more. There is a free plan, and the higher priced plans are basic and white-labeled.

Your wish will be our command! We’ll be glad to put you on our list of PushAlert products. To be the first one to know about the latest PushAlert, please fill-up the feedback form.

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Izooto WordPress Push Notification Plugins

iZooto is designed to enable publishers who run blogs and news sites to re-engage their audiences by creating and scheduling notifications using a post editor. It works well for news organizations or blogs that want to notify their readers about breaking stories.

In this video tutorial we’ll show you how to create and use custom geotargeting rules and how to support local time zones.



Wordpress Push Notification Plugins

The Best-of-the-Best email marketing platform is built for ease-of-use, robust performance, and a complete suite of features that are designed to make your life easier, not more difficult.

Free to use at first but its extras are available for pro users. These include customizing notifications, working with images, videos, and GIFs, providing feedback via comments and ratings, and more.

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Gravitec Gravitec allows users to send quick and efficient web push notifications and it works just as well on mobile phones as it does on desktops. It has been recommended by many for its cost-effectiveness, speedy notification delivery, and ease of integration. Q:

This article lists some of the best WordPress plugins and themes that will give you the look and feel you want for your site.

The Gravitec Advanced plan includes unlimited customers, priority support, a RESTful API, and white labelling. Start for as little as $4 a month per customer.


This is a perfect fit if you’re using PushEngage for any other reason than the push notifications in the first place.

PushEngage enables you to send push notifications for both desktop and mobile web browsers, beyond that, it has several features to help you send push notifications the smart way.

You’ll have up to 1,000 subscribers with up to 300 monthly notifications included in your package.

This one has to pay an extra $29 a month. Push Engage – Personalized Browser Push Notifications.


A powerful multi-channel marketing platform, SendPulse can send a variety of different types of messages to clients including emails, web pushes, SMS, messengers, and transactional emails.


WonderPush is a tool that enables users to send instant web push notifications using nicely styled messages that call users to subscribe. It features automated web push notifications, which are based on user behavior e.g.

An online store owner needs to remind customers their cart isn’t empty and offer a modern dashboard from which the owner can monitor the progress of the business. This features include AMP support, an advanced dashboard, real-time analytics and a powerful marketing platform.

A/B test. Get segment-specific emails at the right time. Send the right email at the right time, for the right customers.

WonderPush. The present invention relates to the field of medical devices and more particularly to the field of fluid administration systems for use with patients during medical procedures. The present invention is directed to a fluid administration system for use with a patient having an intravenous catheter.

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