Best Free Website Traffic Checker

The best free website traffic checker is software that tracks your website’s traffic. This tool is usually online and can be accessed through browser extensions, but some are desktop applications. One such tool is SEMRush. This software is considered one of the most effective tools for online businesses and offers backlink analysis and ranking tracking, among other features.


Sitechecker is an SEO checker and website analytics tool that provides a complete analysis of your website. It also helps you build a more substantial online presence. It monitors your site’s performance and alerts you when there are problems. It also lets you see what your competitors are advertising and what keywords they are targeting.

Its interface is user-friendly and has many features. It can also integrate with your Google Analytics account. The tool’s free version includes statistics, but the paid version provides more in-depth information. You can compare bounce rates, explore keywords, and check backlinks.

Sitechecker is a great free tool to check your website’s traffic metrics. However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t provide real-time information. It’s different from similar tools in that it collects data from various channels and engagements over different time frames.


SimilarWeb is an excellent tool to find out how your website is doing. It estimates your traffic from various sources, including social media sites, forums, and search engines. This tool also helps you compare traffic from different sources and see how long people stay on your website. You can also check out your competitors’ SEO tools and tactics.

Using this tool can help you improve your website monetization, attract investors, and discover new partners and channels. In addition, it will improve your website traffic rankings and boost your online reputation. So, if you are considering launching a new site or revamping your existing site, try using Similarweb.

Similarweb is one of the most popular website traffic checkers. Not only does it estimate total traffic to your site, but it also offers other useful statistics, such as bounce rate and average visit time. This tool can be used to optimize your site and make it more interesting for users.


Ahrefs is one of the best tools for SEO research because of its extensive database of keywords and its ability to filter them by search intent. It makes finding keyword opportunities with low, medium, and high search intent is easy. Its SERP overview report contains backlink metrics and is user-friendly. Ahrefs also has an industry-leading database of live backlinks, containing 9.5 trillion. It also integrates Majestic’s trust metrics and citation flow metrics. Another cool feature is the ability to schedule reports, making it easy to track your rankings.

Ahrefs also offers useful data such as landing pages, search engine rankings, and most popular keywords. It is designed to help you get an idea of what your competitors are doing and their strategies to get there. If you are concerned about your website’s traffic, Ahrefs is your best option. However, you will have to register to use it.

Google search console

The Google search console is a free tool that provides useful information about your website’s performance. It also notifies you when there are issues with your website, such as a load issue or a hacker. The information provided by this tool helps you to improve your website’s relevance in search engines.

The free tool displays more than 200 metrics, which are quantitative measures of your website’s performance. These metrics include the number of unique visitors, visits per month, bounce rate, and a number of pages visited. The tool is also user-friendly, and it provides statistics and information in a variety of ways.

The Google Site Console is an essential tool for SEO professionals. Not only does it help them track their websites’ traffic, it also helps them identify problems such as indexing errors, which can affect your website’s performance in Google search results. In addition to this, the tool provides a host of additional tools to help you with your SEO efforts. For example, it can help you learn which pages are getting the most traffic and which pages are being penalized.

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