50 Christmas Blog Ideas to Get You Into the Festive Spirit

Do you want to add some festive flair to your blog? There are many things you can do. For example, you can create a gift guide for the whole family or round-up of 12 national or local charities. You can even personalise your posts to make them feel like Christmas. There are also many reasons why people are struggling to get into the festive spirit.

Create a round-up of 12 local or national charities

The Salvation Army is a good choice for your round-up because it provides meals for those in need and helps families pay their bills. It also organizes holiday parties and presents for children. It also visits children’s hospitals. Prison Fellowship also puts on a Christmas program called Angel Tree.

Create a gift guide for the whole family

To create a gift guide, you’ll need a product image that can speak for itself and high-quality photos. This way, you’ll be able to attract more readers to your post. You can partner with different brands and affiliate programs that will pay you a commission on every sale.

To create a gift guide, you’ll need a website like Issuu that allows you to publish publications and distribute them worldwide. You can upload a gift guide as a multi-page PDF or as an instant magazine. Then, you can allow readers to flip through the pages, just like they would in real magazines. This format is very unique and engaging for readers.

Before you start writing your gift guide, research the various gift ideas available. Choose keywords that will target your audience. Ensure the gift ideas are geared towards your niche audience. For example, you can write about gifts for a baby, a stuffed animal, or a children’s activity.

Publish your gift guide on your website and social media accounts. It is important to promote your gift guide to attract as many people as possible. The guide should include relevant keywords and optimized copy for search engines. To promote it further, make sure to include links to your social media pages and newsletter. You can also add unboxing videos or a link in your bio.

Create a recipe round-up

Whether you’re running a health and fitness blog or simply love to cook, creating a recipe round-up for Christmas is a great way to boost traffic and get your content seen by more people. People are typically stressed out during the holidays, so helping people eat healthy and stay fit will be an excellent way to make them feel less overwhelmed. By transforming common topics into holiday-themed ones, you can also convert them into a source of income.

Christmas is a great time for bloggers to create recipe round-ups, including your own recipes as well as recipes from other bloggers. These posts can help people make healthy and delicious Christmas meals, as well as benefit their families. You can also consider blogging about business and social media, and try to include holiday-related tips and advice to your readers. Craft and DIY blog ideas are also perfect for the holidays.

Creating gift guides is another Christmas blog idea. Gift guides are evergreen pieces of content that are relevant to your audience’s tastes. You can even make gift guides more general, so that they’re relevant to a wide variety of holidays. These articles can be updated with holiday-specific keywords and re-pinned throughout the year.

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