5 Best Upcoming features of WordPress 6.0

WordPress 6.0 is a major update to the popular content management system (CMS). It includes a number of new features, including better security and performance.

Planned Features for WordPress 6.0

5 Best Upcoming features of WordPress 6.0
Upcoming features of WordPress

1. We have already had the opportunity to see several features implemented in Gutenberg, which is the new editor for WordPress and will soon be released as part of the upcoming version

2. New features and enhancements are being added as we speak, making this an exciting time to be developing sites for WordPress.

This section goes through some of the highlights of the features we have planned for WordPress 6.0 and the work we need to do for a better user experience for both you and our developers.

Site Editor

A WordPress developer. With a plugin installed, you can change any aspect of your pages and posts, right down to changing the size of your font, font color, adding images, changing CSS classes, and much more. This update makes it easier to modify your pages and posts.

WordPress is continuously improving, and in this case, users will be able to switch between pre-made global style alternatives quickly. That means you’ll be able to quickly implement a new global style without modifying the current one via the global style interface.

You can select text from multiple paragraphs and head blocks. The current version will select the entire block if you attempt to select text from all of them.

Headings block. When you transform a block into a different block, this new feature will keep the style of the headings in the blocks, including color and typography. For example, the text color in a heading block will stay the same if you switch it to a heading block.

WordPress allows you to include the button block into any post or page and change the look of the buttons. You can control which templates are loaded and how many buttons should be included in one row.

1. You are welcome to switch themes. However, changing themes does not affect any customizations. The site editor is expected to arrive in WordPress

1. According to the WordPress

2.0 product walkthrough, this major update will not be available in the near future. Besides these major improvements, WordPress

3.0 will also provide UI improvements for the site editor, such as selectable blocks on the list view, the addition of a code editor, and more intuitive placeholders for various blocks.



Block. WordPress blocks are significantly enhanced in WordPress 6.0, including the introduction of several new blocks. Here are some of the notable improvements to expect in the new release:

There are also plans to add twelve blocks for post comments, including comment form and comment loop blocks. These will show up inside the post loop and will be available when you edit the post. You’ll also be able to see them in the block tool. Q:

1. Block locking UI. WordPress

2.9 added the lock attribute, but users still need to tweak the code to lock a block. WordPress

3.0 will add a UI in the block toolbar to make locking a block easier.

You’ll soon be able to create better designs using featured images. In the future, featured images will not be limited to posts and will be available in different types of blocks.

New transformers. WordPress 6.0 will include six new transformation options: Paragraph to code, Group to row, Tag cloud to categories, Nestable quote block, and Nesting quotes.


Patterns are at the center of WordPress’ process for creating sites. With the new Pattern Directory and Pattern Creator, you’ll have more flexibility for the design and layout of your sites while at the same time saving you a lot of time.

The main change planned is the addition of the new quick block inserter. It’s designed to make it easy to create blocks for pages where the blocks are used as the primary navigation.

An example of this would be to use a pattern to help users with a problem when viewing their website. Once the user is logged in, they can use the pattern to add more information and make the site more helpful.

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Design Tools

Design Tools for WordPress 6.0 aims to improve user experience, introduce more customization options, and expand API support. It also adds a new user interface for color palettes and a border control option to the theme tools.

WordPress 6.0 will add some great new features to its design tools: layout transformations for multiple blocks and the ability to place a sidebar before or after a particular section of the main content.

Users can select several blocks and use this feature to transform them into container blocks like group, row, and stack blocks—custom post date format. The design tool for post date block will provide the option to use a custom date format.

Gallery blocks have an automatic block gap option which will allow you to set the spacing of the blocks within the gallery. The default setting will use one-third of the image width. However, this value can be changed by dragging the slider to adjust the image gap.

There is no longer any restriction on using web fonts in WordPress themes, and WordPress now has its own system for adding new font families. You can view the changes to the global styles interface in the next version of WordPress.

Container blocks get typography support. You can now group, row, or stack blocks.


Conclusion. This is a very positive step forward in the evolution of the WordPress editor and an important milestone for the site’s users, developers, and contributors.

WordPress developers are working on the next major version of the popular publishing platform. In the next few months, you’ll be able to test out the new features coming with this update, and you’ll be able to help decide what you think about it.

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